750-403 I/O module with 4 digital inputs, 24VDC and 0.2 ms filter.



I/O module with 4 digital inputs, 24VDC and 0.2 ms filter.

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Binary Remote Input Output System 2

BRIOS2 is a powerful field bus based I / O system with which to quickly and easily build user-specific fieldbus nodes.

The whole system is mounted on a standard DIN rail. The fieldbus is connected to a bus coupler unit. To the bus coupler connects you since I / O modules with the functions you want.

Since the I / O modules are stackable, it is easy to replace individual modules or install new ones if necessary. This is done without the need to loosen the connections to other modules.

The modules are fitted with LEDs for diagnostics and status indication. Connection is via Cage-Clamp Connectors, which provide a vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connection of wires with a diameter of 0.08 - 2.5 mm2 / AWG28-14.