BiDisp3 - Display, CAN, RS232


BiDisp3 is a flexible, powerful display for use in an industrial environment. Bright, energy-efficient LED technology is used for presentation of text and graphics in three colours: Red, Green and Orange.


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  • Bright, full graphics LED matrix
  • Readability at a distance of up to 40 metres
  • Font colours: Red, Green and Yellow
  • Powerful communication interfaces:
      CAN & RS232


Visualisation of key figures and other essential information is a cornerstone in any modern, efficient production system. It is important that operating technicians, management and maintenance staff can quickly acquire an overview of the situation, allowing them to take prompt action and feel part of the system.


BiDisp3 is ideal for providing information to operating technicians at a workstation or displaying operating information from a machine, e.g. part counting or OEE. The colour display can be used to indicate the current status quickly and clearly, e.g. red for Stop, yellow for Comment and green for Good. Graphic arrows can be used to show rising and falling trends. Dynamic bars can be used to show a percentage from 0-100 with a change of colour for different intervals.