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BINAR-GD300 7.5kW High Performance Vector Control Inverter



BINAR-GD300 is a high-performance vector control inverter and it is applicable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor for speed control.  The inverter features high reliability, strong adaptability to working environment, human-oriented function, flexible application and stable performance.

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  • V/F and sensorless vector control 
  • Applicable to asynchronous motor and synchronous motor 
  • Excellent motor drive performance
  • Adopts 32-digit DSP and advanced vector control algorithm to achieve high performance and high precision in motor drive control 
  • Good heat dissipation   
  • Built-in braking unit with multiple braking modes , maximum power 30kW 
  • Allows a wide input voltage range, support common DC bus and DC input power supply 
  • Independent power supply control  to facilitate debugging 
  • Built-in C3 EMI filter 
  • Independent air-duct design supports both wall mounting and flange mounting in various hostile working environments 
  • User-friendly, high-performance remote-controlled LED keypad 
  • Multiple digital and analogue I/O terminals 
  • Complies with IEC international standards and has passed the CE certification testing of the International authoritative certification TÜV-SÜD