Flat Light Curtain, 120 - 440mm


SPL-F120PTS2W04 with M12 + alum stab (sender + reciver, needs 4 pin T-connector).


  •        Detection height: 120mm
  •        Including aluminum stabilisator
  •        M12 connection

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SLG - smart light grids - smart, slender, stealth

The smart light grid family includes smart area sensors, smart gate sensors and smart pick-to-light sensors. At only 8 x 25 mm, they fit nearly anywhere and can be imbedded inside walls, doors, conveyors, and machines. Slim and flat versions are available. They can be ordered in 120 to 1,400 mm lengths in a plastic or aluminum housing. Auto-muting, auto-teach and an alignment aid provide more uptime. They are ideal for order-picking, automatic doors, counting objects and other applications.


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