750-880 Ethernet Feldbus controller



ETHERNET Programmable Fieldbus Controller

750-880, 750-880/025-000

10 / 100 Mbit/s; digitale und analoge Signale

750-880 Ethernet Feldbuscontroller

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750-880 WAGOs Telecontrollers är programmerbara PLC-system för smarta elnät inom det moduluppbyggda WAGO I/O System 750. Enheterna stöder Ethernet-kommunikation enligt IEC 60870-5-101/-104, IEC 61850 och IEC 61400-25 som är en standard inom smarta elnät.

Den nya 750-880/025-002 är framtagen för mindre applikationer som transformatorstationer. Den ligger attraktivt i pris, kan max utökas med 4 I/O-moduler.

Item description:

In conjunction with the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM, the ETHERNET PLC can be used as a programmable controller within ETHERNET networks.

The PLC supports all digital, analog, and specialty modules within the 750/753 Series, and is suitable for data rates of 10/100 Mbit/s.

Two ETHERNET interfaces and an integrated switch allow the fieldbus to be wired in a line topology. This eliminates additional network devices, such as switches or hubs. Both interfaces support Auto-Negotiation and Auto-MDI(X).

The DIP switch configures the last byte of the IP address and may be used for IP address assignment.

The PLC supports both MODBUS/TCP and ETHERNET/IP for use in industrial environments. It also supports a wide variety of standard ETHERNET protocols for easy integration into IT environments (e.g., HTTP, BootP, DHCP, DNS, SNTP, SNMP, FTP).

For use in telecontrol applications; the 750-880/025-001 and -002 Controllers support the IEC 60870-5-101/-103-104, IEC 61850-7, and IEC 61400-25 communication protocols.

An integrated Web server provides the user with configuration options and status information from the controller.

The controller is programmable according to IEC 61131-3, capable of multitasking, and features a battery-backed RTC.

1 MB data memory is available.

The 750-880 PLC has a slot for a removable memory card, allowing device parameters or files (e.g., boot files) to be transferred from one controller to another. The memory card can be accessed via FTP and be used as an additional drive.

Name Value Unit
Color  light gray 
Conformity marking  CE 
No. of controllers connected to Master  limited by ETHERNET specification 
Transmission medium  Twisted Pair S-UTP 100 Ω, Cat 5; Max. line length: 100 m 
Baud rate  10/100 Mbit/s 
Transmission performance  Class D acc. to EN 50173 
Buscoupler connection  2 x RJ-45 
Programming  WAGO-I/O-PRO V2.3 (based on CODESYS 2.2) 
IEC 61131-3  IL, LD, FBD (CFC), ST, FC 
SD card slot  Push-push mechanism, sealable cover lid 
Communication  EtherNet/IP 
Max. input process image  1020 words 
Max. output process image  1020 words 
Program memory [KB]  1024  KB 
Data memory [Kbyte]  1024  Kbyte 
Non-volatile memory (retain) [Kbytes]  32 Kbytes  Kbytes 
CPU  32-bit 
Number of I/O modules per node max.  250 
Power supply  24 V DC (-25 % ... +30 %) 
Input current typ. at rated load (24 V) [mA]  500  mA 
Efficiency of the power supply (typ.) at nominal load (24 V)  90 
Internal current consumption (5 V) [mA]  450  mA 
Total current for I/O modules (5 V) [mA]  1700  mA 
Isolation  500 V system/supply 
Degree of protection  IP20 
Connection technology  CAGE CLAMP® 
Solid conductor  0.08 … 2.5 mm² / 28 … 14 AWG 
Fine-stranded conductor  0.08 … 2.5 mm² / 28 … 14 AWG 
Strip length  8 … 9 mm / 0.31 … 0.35 Inch 
Weight [g]  161.862 
Width  61.5 mm / 2.421 Inch 
Height  71.9 mm / 2.831 Inch 
Height from upper-edge of DIN-35 rail  64.7 mm / 2.547 Inch 
Depth  100 mm / 3.937 Inch 
Housing material  polycarbonate, polyamide 6.6 
Storage temperature  -25 °C ... +85 °C 
Relative air humidity (no condensation) [%]  95 
Type of mounting  DIN-35 x 15 carrier rail 
Operating temperature  0 °C ... +55 °C 
Mounting position  Any 
Exposure to pollutants  gemäß IEC 60068-2-42 und IEC 60068-2-43 
EMC emission of interference  acc. to EN 61000-6-3, marine applications 
EMC immunity to interference  acc. to EN 61000-6-2, marine applications 
Shock resistance  acc. to IECacc. to IEC 60068-2-27 
Vibration resistance  acc. to IECacc. to IEC 60068-2-6 

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ETHERNET Programmable Fieldbus Controller

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